Uptown Pups Reversible Bandana - Navy

One-of-a-kind, clip-on, reversible bandana. Made with 100% cotton.
Navy & White Polka Dots with Navy & White Anchors

We love having bandanas for our dogs, but we got tired of them falling off or the knot getting so tight we had to cut them off. So we thought “what if they clipped on?” and after they clipped on “what about the other side?” Frustrated with not finding what we wanted, our family created our one of a kind reversible bandanas! They worked for us so we wanted to share them with you!!

Each bandana features a quick release buckle to easily clip around your dog’s neck. Wear one side one day, and reverse it for a new look the next. Bandanas are made with 100% cotton.

X-Small – up to 11″;
Small – up to 14″;
Medium – up to 17″;
Large – up to 20″;
X-Large – up to 23″;
XX-Large – up to 26″;

X-Small-Large are $14 MSRP, X-Large-XX-Large are $16 MSRP